Introduction: Playground Coins & Twister Board

For the Summper playground of Kessel-Lo, we needed some coins with our Logo. Beside thad we lost our Twister board the summer before so we also needed a new one. After long thinking, I found out that Fablab Leuven so I started to see what I had to do.


Step 1: Inkscape Design

Before you can go to fablab to cut your design, you have to make it. This you can do with Inkscape, a very nice and FREE program to make you designs. Its very easy:

  1. You upload your picture and gives it the color black (not blue like in the picture!!) This is what you will mark into the wood or the other material.
  2. All what you want to cut, do you have to give the red color (R=255).

Then, all you have to do is save you desing and take it to Fablab!


Two days after I made my design, I went to fablab. I was helped very fast and good by one of there employees. The cutter needed some time but after 2 hours I was finished and had dome cool coins and a Twister board!

Step 3: Painting

My coins were already finisched but my Twister board was still missing some color. But with a little paint was that problem solved!