Introduction: Spektrum DX3C Dis-assembly

This is a guide to help the newbies to RC learn how to take the electronics out of their controller to paint it, or fix it. The link explains what the controller is all about.

My Controller is already painted from a past project, but that doesn't change the process. The controller is originally silver. 

Submitted by Powell Middle School for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.

Step 1: Materials

1 Philips Head Screw Driver
1 pair of pliers, big enough to grip the plastic piece in the middle of the steering wheel.

Step 2: Removing the Steering Wheel

The first screw that I like to remove is the one under the steering wheel. You need to use the pliers to pull the plastic piece off the wheel. It pulls straight out. After that is removed you will need to remove the screw, then the steering wheel will pull right off. 

Step 3: Removing the Rest of the Screws

After you remove the steering wheel on the front side, flip the controller over and you have to remove the two rubber grips. Then you can start to remove the rest of the screws. There are 8 visible screws. The other 2 are under the rubber grips.

Step 4: Pulling the Two Halves Apart

The first thing you must do is remove the bottom battery door and remove the 4 AA Batteries from it. You don't have to take the batteries out, but I like to, It keeps moving stuff around easier to do. 

As you pull the two halves apart, pull slowly and straight up to make sure no electronics are bent. The halves might be a little tight at first; just give it a little jimmy and it should come apart. 

Step 5: Removing the Electronics

This is where you will really need the screw driver. 

- remove the circuit board that the SD card can slide into.  

- Remove the circuit board that the E Button on the right side of the controller is connected to. 

- I like to divide the controller into two parts of removing electronics. Once I get the lower half, I like to move those out of the way to keep things slightly organized. This includes removing the battery holder and power button. 
- Along with removing the " lower half " make sure you keep the screws separated because the upper half ones are bigger.

- The screen and scroller wheel is the next thing I like to do.
- To do this, there are 3 big screws that must be removed.  

- The throttle unit must be removed.
- To remove this, there are also 3 screws. 
- The Screen and Scroller unit needs to be removed and out of the way to access the third screw on the throttle unit.

- The last unit to be removed is the 4 button unit that has the A-D Buttons on it. 
- There are also 3 more screws to remove this unit. 
- Once the 3 screws are removed, you must remove the 4 "T" buttons. Each one has a small pin that sticks in the unit.j
- After this unit and all the buttons are removed you are almost ready to paint.

- In the picture on the 6th step, before you paint, the plastic piece that is in the bearing must be removed along with the two bearings. 
- You must also remove the antena, and just like the battery holder and power button, it just slips out. 
- In the final product you should have two plastic halves with no metal, or extra plastic pieces in it. 

Step 6: Finished Product

Now Your Ready to Paint. And to put it all back together, just reverse these steps and look at the pictures for wiring around stuff. Hope this helped. 

Make sure the paint dries before touching it, other wise you will see your finger prints in it. It's best to let it air dry, but I used a heat gun on a LOW setting. Mask off the openings so paint doesn't get in on the inside, otherwise the electronics might not fit.