Introduction: Sphero - Make It Move!


1. Sphero Robot

2. Chromebook

Step 1: Make Sure Your Sphero Is Connected (with Bluetooth) to Your Chromebook

Step 2: Click the "+" to Start a New Program

Step 3: Move Forward

1. From the bottom of the screen, drag up a "roll" block.

2. Attach it to the "on start program"

3. You will see 3 variables that can be changed in this block.

4. The first variable is in degrees. This is called the "heading". It tells Sphero which direction to go.

5. Zero degrees will make Sphero move straight ahead.

Step 4: Speed

1. The second variable on the "roll" block is where you contol the speed.

2. If you click inside the block, you can change the speed.

3. Start with a slower speed while you are first learning to use your Sphero.

Step 5: Duration

1. The third variable in the "roll" block controls the duration/length of time that Sphero will move.

2. It is measured in seconds, start by using only 1-2 seconds when you are learning to use your Sphero.

Step 6: Turning

1. If you want to make Sphero make a turn, you will change the degrees in the first variable of the "roll" block.

2. For example, if you would like to make a sharp right turn, you can change the degrees to 90.

Step 7: Moving Backward

1. If you want your Sphero to move backwards, you will use 180 degrees.

Step 8: Sounds

1. If you would like Sphero to make sounds or talk while it is moving, you will click "sounds" on the bottom row.

2. Select one of the sound blocks and experiment with it. You can click to change the sounds or add in words to have Sphero speak.

Step 9: Lights

1. If you would like Sphero to change colors while it is moving, you will click "lights" on the bottom row.

2. Select "main LED" and drag it up to connect to your other blocks.

3. You can drag other light blocks up to go with the main LED.

4. Anywhere you see a color, you can click to select a different color.

Step 10: Aim

1. Place your Sphero on the floor.

2. In the top right corner of your screen, click Aim.

3. Drag the blue dot on the aim section around the circle while you are looking at your Sphero robot. Keep dragging the dot until the blue tail light on the robot is pointed directly at you.

4. You need to re-aim the robot each time you change any of your code blocks.

Step 11: Test It!

Now is time to see what your block code will make the robot do. With the robot still on the floor, click the green "start" button at the top. Now that you know the basics for moving a Sphero, add more code blocks and change more variables to get Sphero to move they way you want it to. Your goal is to be precise enough that you could code Sphero to run through a maze.