Introduction: Spice Rack for Cooks

You want your spices organized on a little staircase in your cupboard? All you need is three packages of IKEA Rajtan and tape. For the staircase well use the packaging material. Total costs: 10 Euro.

Step 1: Fold the Packaging

After unpacking the glasses, fold the empty packed again. The littles holes go below the side with the notches, by pressing them into the holes you'll fixate the carton as a cube again. Use tape to fixate it even better.

Step 2: Connect Two As a Base

To have a base for the second an third level, connect to of the cartons to one. The third one will lay on it.

Step 3: [Optional] Connect Two Staircases

To have a wider rack, you can connect the cartons by gluing them with a peace of tape.

Step 4: Pile the Single Carton on the Base

That's it.