Introduction: Spiced Apple Cider

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Most of us can agree that apple cider is a seasonal and holiday favorite. Well this recipe, is right up there with the five star orchard ciders. It's rich, flavorful and purely heavenly. So give it a shot, and let me know how it goes. Click above to watch the tutorial

PS- It's also great to cook with. I'll be making an apple cider glaze for my pork roulade this Christmas! Pics will be on my Instagram: @Marishas_Couture


8-10 Apples (Quartered)

1 Navel Orange

2 Cinnamon Sticks

1 dash Nutmeg or Allspice

1/2 C Sugar


You'll Need:

Stock Pot


Cutting Board

Strainer and or Cheese Cloth

Potato Masher (optional)

Step 1: Chop Chop

Quarter the apples (don't worry about peeling and coring). Cut the orange in half and add all ingredients to the pot. Then pour enough water in the pot to cover the fruit. Let simmer covered for 4-5 hours on low.

Step 2: Mashing

Allow the cider to cool down a bit for easier handling. Then place a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or pitcher. Give the cider a quick mash with a potato masher or large spoon and remove the cinnamon sticks and large pieces of fruit.

Step 3: Juicing

Begin to pour small amounts into the strainer. Mash the apples to allow the juices to go through. I ended up putting a glove on and using my hands which made the process faster.Continue going through the pot little by little, making sure to discard (or set aside) the apples you previously strained. A quicker method would be to place cheese cloth over the strainer and squeeze all of the juice out. But, for those who may not have cheese cloth, this method will do.

Step 4: Enjoy

The long cooking process makes this cider rich and flavorful. Serve warm or chilled and enjoy!

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