Introduction: Spicy Bacon Chorizo Chili

Oh boy this was a tasty one! And a Spicy One!!!

Step 1: So Simple!

I chopped up some bacon. Yum!

Tossed it in a hot pan with a whole "tube" of a spicy Chorizo Sausage. Cook those tasty meats for a minute while you Chop Your Veggies!

I Chopped and added to the pan:
 1 Onion
 1 Anaheim Pepper
 3 Serrano Peppers
 1 Green Bell Pepper
 3 Tomatoes

Step 2: Simma Down Now

Let that cook and sweat for a couple minutes.

When the meat is cooked I add Water to the top of everything and just let it simmer so the flavors combine :)

Then why not toss in a little Bacon Sauce for added baconiness :)

Step 3: Oh Boy! Enjoy!

Let that mix get nice and thick and get ready for a great thing.

It's one of those things where it hurts....but it's so good you cant stop! Have a nice cold glass of water (or beer) at the ready :)

Tastes great with Serrano and Bacon Cornbread!
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