Introduction: Spicy Citrus Fish Tacos (Cedar Plank)

Create some yummy fish tacos with a Cedar Plank on your grill.

Step 1: Ingredients

Fish Ingredients

1 lb Tilapia
2 oranges large
orange zest
Chili rub
Kosher salt or sea salt
Cedar planks (pending on where you purchase them from you may need one per fillet or like mine you'll need one per three fillets)

Shrimp Ingredients

1/2 lb Shrimp (I used 31-40's)
2 limes large
2 Lemons large

Orange glaze

Reserved orange marinade
1/2 cup sugar

Lime Sour cream

1 large tub sour cream
1 Lime

Step 2: Preparation - Part 1

Take the fish and shrimp and place into separate ziploc bags.

Zest your oranges and put it in the bag with the fish I also took a pinch of it and put in the shrimp bag then cut you oranges in half and juice them over the the fish.

Seal your ziploc and try removing most of your air as you seal it.

Cut your lemons and limes in half then juice them over the shrimp.

Seal your bag the same as the fish.

This would be a good time to start the barbecue if your using a Charcoal BBQ. The amount of time it takes for the charcoal to be ready will be enough time to marinate the fish. Citric acid can actually cook the shrimp if left too long that would be called saviche and that is whole other thing to make

Step 3: Preparation - Part 2

while your Charcoal is getting ready it would be a good time to soak your Cedar Planks in water so they wont burn.

Once the coals are ready get your fish out on the planks (after removing them from the water you soaked them in) wipe them off a little so the surface you are placing the fish on is dry.

Add salt, pepper and chili rub to the fish as per your taste.

As you'll see in my pic I didn't put chili rub on half my fish since the wifey isn't so up on the spicy thing. Sometimes guys you just cant fight it you just have to go with the flow when it comes to personal tastes. "JUST DEAL WITH IT" you like spicy and she doesn't it all works in the end. Ok

your fish is on the plank(s) and seasoned now place it in the grill directly over the coals and put the lid on and come back in about 8 minutes to check on it.

Reserve your orange marinade and place in a small sauce pan add 1/2 cup sugar bring to a boil and let simmer on about medium heat until reduced to at least by half this should take as long as it takes to cook the fish and shrimp.

Now your fish is cooking go and place your Shrimp on kabobs you'll notice my skewers are flat that is because I hate trying to turn Shrimp on round skewers it is kinda like the frisky monkey and football scenario, if you don't know what that is just take my word for it because it sucks. If you have round skewers just put 2 skewers through it to take care of that pain.

Step 4: Check Your Fish

Alright it's been eight minutes go check your fish use a for to see if it flakes if it doesn't it may need another 4-5 minutes but if it looks dry it may be overdone.

Once your fish is done take the planks and place them on a cookie sheet and then place on your shrimp leave the lid off of your grill for this.

If you want a little flair for your tacos take a lime and squeeze the juice into your sour cream.

This will catch people off guard but usually comes with a great response do this while the shrimp is cooking and check on your orange glaze on stove.

If your are going to use corn tortillas you can use olive oil spray on them (both sides) and wrap them in tin foil and place them on the grill (not over the coals) to get them warmed. Once all the food is one just put the BBQ lid back on leaving the tortillas until you are ready to serve.

Step 5: Add Glaze and Serve

once the fish and shrimp are done add your glaze the fish and serve with Corn tortillas and sliced cabbage and homemade salsa. Since this is a sweet meal A sweeter beer like an amber ale but a more pungent pale ale would go great with this as well..

Cheers and enjoy!!!


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