Leftover Fried Rice




Introduction: Leftover Fried Rice

When you think about fried rice, really think about it, what is it really but a way to use up leftovers? When you mix rice with plenty of oil, fry it up, meld it together with eggs, it almost has to be delicious. So why limit yourself to soy sauce when there are so many other flavors to explore?

Step 1:

Get your ingredients together, you will need:

About 4 cups of rice, preferably at least a day old

Chopped up leftovers, about the same amount as rice.  In the picture I have a rotisserie chicken breast, leftover green beans, cooked bean sprouts, shredded cabbage and broccoli.  Almost anything works well in this recipe.

1/4 cup hot sauce (you can use less and just add more tomato puree, but really it's not that hot)

1/4 cup tomato puree (or diced tomatoes pureed in your blender)

2 T oyster sauce

1/4 cup chopped cilantro (mine is in ice cube form at the left of the chopping board)

4 eggs scrambled with salt and pepper

sesame oil (or butter)

Step 2: Cook the Eggs First

If you have an electric stove like I do, put the wok directly on the burner and turn it to high.  You can also use a frying pan, but cut the recipe in half. Put the butter or oil in the wok right before you add the egg, if your temperature is correct, the butter or oil will start smoking within 30 seconds.  Don't be stingy with your fat, this is why restaurant fried rice tastes so good - it is not a low fat food.  Partially cook the egg and place it in a different bowl (look at the picture for reference).  Wipe out the wok.

Step 3:

Fry your leftovers.  It's totally okay to cook in batches.  The heat is so high that it will cook in just a few minutes. Add the fried leftovers to the eggs and mix together.

Step 4: Fry the Rice

I always fry the rice in two batches, but the most important thing is to use lots of oil or butter to fry the rice. Nothing tastes better than rice fried in lots of butter. This is where you add the tomato puree, hot sauce, cilantro, and oyster sauce.  When the liquid has almost evaporated out, add the fried leftovers and eggs back in (half if you are frying the rice in two batches like I am).  The eggs will finish cooking and you are done! 
So easy, in less than 15 minutes, you have used up all your leftovers and made a meal that all your friends will rave about!  The big tricks are to use day old rice, lots of fat, and high heat. 
This is also excellent with Mexican spices and seasonings, black bean sauce, or tomato sauce and raisins.

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