Introduction: Spicy Gummy Bears

Today we are going to be making... SPICY GUMMY BEARS!

In order to make this delicious treat possible, it is important you follow the steps, procedures and specific materials needed to make this.


Thanks, have fun and enjoy!

Step 1: Materials Needed

(Products may not be found in local grocery shops, they are specifically from Mexico.)

  1. A 1kg bag of Original Gummy Bears. (Panditas Clasicos)
  2. A 1L bottle of Chamoy (El Torito Regio)
  3. A 500g bag of Golos (Golos dulce de Fruta con chilito)
  4. A clean plastic bowl
  5. A large spatula
  6. Aluminum Foil
  7. Small Plastic Cups

Material Uses:

  1. Bowl: To put in all ingredients
  2. Spatula: To mix in all ingredients
  3. Aluminum Foil: To cover bowl once ingredients are in.
  4. Plastic Cups: To put the finished product inside.

Step 2: The Chamoy

The sauce...

  • You want to pour in your Chamoy (Material 2 on list) and pour it all into the bowl.

(Make sure to pour slightly to avoid a mess)

Step 3: The Golos

The chunky stuff...

  • Once the Chamoy is in, you are to put the whole bag of Golos (Material 3 on the list) and pour in all the Golos including the leftover powder chili.

Step 4: Mix

Time to mix...

Once you have poured in both ingredients, grab a spatula and mix away!

  1. Mix slightly for about 3 minutes straight
  2. Make sure to mix until all the powder and golos are soaked into the sauce.

Step 5: Covering Up

Aluminum Foil

  1. Next, you will cut a large piece of aluminum foil from the roll.
  2. Then with that piece cover the bowl so that we keep anything from going inside the mix.

Step 6: Now We Wait...

Waiting time...

In this step, we will wait oneday (24 hours) for the Golo chunks to DISSOLVE.

After they dissove we will be able to mix the ingredients so that no chunks are left in the sauce.

Step 7: Next Day, Next Step

Uncover the bowl's aluminum foil...

Once we take away the aluminum foil, we grab the spatula and mix again for about 3 minutes.

This will help the dissolved golos mix in with the sauce and create the delicious base for the gummies.

Step 8: The Gummies

Time to pour in the gummy bears!

  1. Open the gummy bear bag
  2. Pour in all the pack of gummies

Now on to the mixing step...

Step 9: Mixing Again

Time to mix...

While you mix with the spatula the saice and the gummies...

  1. Make sure to mix all the sauce with the gummies
  2. And also try to make the gummies sink all the way into the sauce until they are not visible.

Step 10: Cover With Foil

Grab the same peice of foil...

Cover up the bowl again to avoid anything from comming inside it.

Step 11: Wait Again...

Another 24 hours

In order to get that washy and fluffy feeling in the gummy bears, we let them soak in the chili sauce for another day. (24 hours)

Step 12: The Next Day...

Once it has been 24 hours...

  1. You remove the foil from the bowl
  2. Then you grab the spatula and give it a strong and well mix.

Step 13: Arrange

Once you have tasted the gummies and gotten a spicy and soft sensation...

You can put them in small containers in order to eat by serving sizes.

Step 14: Enjoy

Hope that you liked the spicy and delicious recipe for our spicy and delicious gummy bears!

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