Introduction: Spicy Olive Oil

The basics of "all" simple Home Made DIY Splicy Olive Oil recipe:

Decide your "main" flavor:

  • In this case "chili peppers"
    • for a completely different flavouring, you can do the same with garlic
    • Better if the "main flavor" is based on raw, either green or dried, materials.

Chop it and put it in a jar/bottle/recipient of your choosing.

Add all spices of your choosing. This will give the oil your unique touch:

  • pepper (black, white, cayene, etc... play with it!), garlic, and even oregano or basil are good calls

Put it in the recipient as well.

Pour as much oil as you want. The concentration of spices will determine the strenght of flavouring.

Let it rest for a few days/weeks and you've got your Spicy Olive Oil ready!!!

(Don't worry, olive oil is a great preservative, so this can last for months; and getting even tastier through time!)