Introduction: Spicy Ranch Dip

Ok have you ever wanted Ranch dip for your french fries, or chicken?  But you in the mood for spicy?  this will not only satisfy your craving but use the left over packets that are in your fridge or kitchen drawers.

Step 1: Obtain Ranch

First you can either make your ranch from scratch or use it straight from the bottle.  I prefer the bottle.

Step 2: Secret Ingredients

so this is my secret ingredients.  its Fire sauce from Taco Bell.  they give us a lot, so our fridge is loaded with them.

Now mix them together.  I use about a cup of ranch to one packet of fire sauce.  but please mix to your taste.

Step 3: Final Step

now eat. you can use it as dip for fries, or chicken or sauce for your burgers...... MMMMMM....MMMMM .....MMMMMM