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As the food loving fool I am, I have experimented with many different dishes, and often have leftovers and ingrediencies in excess.

One time when I experimented with making sushi I had some vegetables strips and spicy tuna in excess so what do you do? you take it as a dip ... and ooh it was good.

It is super simple with 4 ingrediencies, most have in the fridge and it takes less then 5 minutes to make. I make it at least once a week.


1 (145g/5oz) can tuna in water
2-3 tsp sriracha sauce
1½-3 tbsp mayonaise
½-1 tsp Sweet and sour chili sauce (Optional)

This serves 1-4 persons as a quick side dish, and if there are too much, then it can with ease be stored in the fridge for 2-4 days.

Step 1: Mix

Drain the can of tuna for water, use the lid of the can to squish out exess water. Mix the tuna, mayo, sriacha and sweet and sour chili sauce in a small bowl and it is ready to be enjoyed.

I often add 3 tsp sriracha as I like my tuna on the spicy side, but you can play around with it to find the right ratio for you.

Step 2: Enjoy

Now you just have to decide what to eat it with.

I prefer hard boiled eggs, red peppers & squas, sliced in thick strips, but anything can be used.

It can be used as a dip with sliced veggies, filling in sushi, topping on salads ... it can even be eaten without anything, it is up to you.


Step 3: Alternative Ingredients:

Instead of tuna you could use any fish or shellfish, that comes I water, minced shrimp is a good substitute.

Instead of sriracha you can use any strong chili sauce to give it the kick.

If you don’t have mayo, it is possible to use greek yogurt, cream fresh, cream cheese or any cream that doesn’t add much flavor, as it is used to add fluffiness to the dish.

If you are fresh out of sweet and sour chili sauce you can use any other liquid sweetener, just remember the sweeter it is the less you need, it is just there to give it the last oomph.

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