Spider Dress




Introduction: Spider Dress

I am not an English native speaker, I will try to do my best to explain how I have made this spider dress ^_^

Step 1: Materials List

Furnitures :


-Electric Iron



-Needle pins

-Pattern paper

-Dress form


-Panne velvet x3 meters (slightly stretchy)

-Sretch satin x3 meters (for the dress lining)

-Tulle large width x2 meters (for the underskirt)

-Spider web lace x0,50meters

-fishnet (snood) x 0,50meters

-Zipper 35cm

-Silver piping cord x 16 meters

-Spider charm x 40

-Press stud x 1

Step 2: The Pattern

The top dress is composed of 16 elements (8 for the bustier and 8 for the backing):

-1 middle front (fabric fold) + 1 (backing)

-2 side front + 2 (backing)

-2 side back + 2 (backing)

-2 middle back + 2 (backing)

-1 cutting collar + 1 (backing)

The bottom dress is composed in 5 elements ( 2 for the skirt and 2 for the backing, 1 for the underskirt, 1 for the underskirt's backing):

-1 short flounce + 1 (backing)

-1 long flounce + 1 (backing)

- 1 underskirt + 1 (baking)

At first you should take your measurements.

Top of the dress : You can take a clothe to do the pattern or buy a pattern of a strapless. You can also do the pattern with a dressform (draping method) or just with your measurments (flat-patternmethod ).

Bottom of the dress : To make the skirt, you have to draw a semi circle of measuring the half size, and an other semi circle for the short flounce. Make the same for the long flounce, by adding many centimeters.

You dont need pattern for the underskirt, you just have to measure your leg length (waist size to feet or ankle) for the height. For the width you have to measure your waist size and multiply by three your measure.

Step 3: Sewing the Top and the Bottom of the Dress.

After cutting the fabric, I sew all the panels of the strapless brassiere together except the cutting collar. I made the same fort the backing bustier. (Picture 1, 2, 3)

I assembled the flounces and their backings (just the bottom). (Picture 4 and 5)

Step 4: The Cutting Collar

I sew the cutting collar and its backing.

Step 5: The Underskirt

To make the underskirt, I make flat peat to tulle. Once the desired width, sew the bobbinet fabric with the backing underskirt.

Step 6: Sewing the Top of the Dress

I sew the cutting collar between the bustier and its backing. (Picture 1 and 2)

Then I sew the collar with the strapless brassiere. (Picture 3)

Step 7: Sewing the Bottom of the Dress

Sew the 2 flounces together. After this, assemblate them with the underskirt.

Step 8: Sewing the Top and the Bottom Together

I assemblate the top with the bottom of the dress. (exept the lining strapless brassiere).

I sew the 2 middle-back panels of the bottom of the dress on several centimeters. (length of panel minus the lenght of the zipper).

After, set the zipper to the dress. Eventually hand sewing the lining bustier to hide the assembly of the top and the bottom of the dress. I sew the snap fastener on the collar.

The sewing part is finished.

Step 9: Customization and End

You can let the dress like this. If you want to custome its like me, you need :

-Silver piping cord (or on other colour)x 16 meters

-Spider charm x 40

-Black yard


I start to sew on the waist. Then I sew the verticals piping cords. (Picture 1) After I fix the piping cord to simulate the spiderweb with one ortwo stich(s) in each space between two vertical cords.(Picture 2 and 3)

To finish I fix the spiders charms. (Picture 4)

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    Little Miss Cutie
    Little Miss Cutie

    6 years ago

    This is a beautiful dress. This should be in my favorites collection. Good for halloween.

    Janis Nuttea
    Janis Nuttea

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for the fav :D

    Madame Blue
    Madame Blue

    6 years ago

    The finished dress is beautiful, I love the silver piping detail on the flounces! Your instructions didn't mention where you used the satin; I'm assuming you used it as the lining for the bustier? I love this, you are very talented :D

    Janis Nuttea
    Janis Nuttea

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks ! Oh sorry, I use the satin for the dress lining (bustier and the 2 flounces). Thanks so much :D

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This looks great. The spider web theme could work for a lot of different kinds of costumes.

    Janis Nuttea
    Janis Nuttea

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it!