Introduction: Spider Frame

A few years ago, i made a lot of stuff from this web, in that time i had a lot of free time

usually i don't create new stuff, maybe, because of my lack of imagination, but some day making a few frames to put some pictures i saw a big web spider next to my house, and !bingo!!

Step 1: Materials Needed

- A frame

You could make it, buy it or recicle an old frame

- Stapler

I used a big stapler, also i could use a few small nails.

- White thread

- Patience (a few)

It took me 90 minutes to finish this project

Step 2: Use the Stapler and Select Your Focal Point

So, use the stapler to put a few staples in the reverse of the frame, between 5 and 10 centimeters of separation.

Then select your "focal point", that is where the spider web is more dense.

The key here is "stretch a lot" the thread.

For every staples or nail should "born" a thread to the "focal point".

I used a very long thread, started in one staples to the "focal point" and to the next straple.

Step 3: Start the Web Desing

well, i recommend to start from the "focal point",

make a knot very near to the center and start wrapping among those radial threads

This is an iterative process

Step 4: That Would Be All

I gave one of those spider frame to mi girlfriend and she used it to put her earrings,
also, with the same technique i made that nice frame with colored buttons

as you could read, i still can't handle english as i would like.