Introduction: Spider From PVC Pipe

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This Instructable shows you how to make a giant spider for Halloween from PVC pipe and PVC pipe fittings. All for less than $50. The spider will be great for your Halloween decor at the front door -- and it’s not too scary for the little kids!

Step 1: Materials

You’ll need about 40 feet of 1/2-inch irrigation pipe. Also, you’ll need the indicated PVC pipe fittings. (Tip: take a pipe-cutter to the hardware store to cut up the pipe into 4X 10-foot pieces, or less, to transport the pipe home by car!) Back at home, cut the pipe into 18X ~24” and 19X ~2” segments. I like a roller pipe cutter (as pictured), however, you could use a hacksaw or a pliers-type pipe cutter. Whatever technique you use to cut, smooth out the ends with some sandpaper. You won’t need to use PVC cement (but you could), just jamb the pipes into the pipe fittings for a firm fit!

Pipe: 40 ft. (cut into 18X ~24 inch pieces and 19X 2 inch pieces)

Pipe fittings:

Elbows (90°) 12X (cheaper in 10-packs)

Elbows (45°) 8X

Crosses 4X

Tees 3X

Caps 2X

Step 2: Assembly

The assembly instructions are in pictorial format (for non-English readers or for pre-readers). The instructions are easy to follow and are presented both here and as a pdf file (attached).

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