Introduction: Spider Halloween Door Hanger

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So I was flipping through a "Better homes and gardens" magazine and found this glorious thing, I decided to try to DIY it as cheaply as is possible. With a few hot glue burns and some sawdust all over the carport, I managed to create this and decided to share.

Step 1: Supplies

This is a list of supplies needed. You probably have half of this stuff laying around your house.

White spray paint

Sandpaper block/Saw (Optional, depending on your wooden letter selection)

Halloween Spider Ribbon

Over the door hanger

Plastic spiders

Large wooden letters that spell out spooky things, such as "BOO" or "EEK" or maybe even "EGADS!"

Step 2: BQQ?

If you have my luck, you probably went to the store and found that the letter "O's" were fresh out, so, being impatient I purchased two Q's instead, and just decided I would hack the part that makes it a "Q" off. If you do not have such luck, just omit this step and make your DIY a little easier, or you can just wait for them to come back in stock, but it's September, which is basically October, so who has time to wait?

Step 3: Goggles and Masks and Gloves, Oh My!

This step is for my grandma as proof that I don't inhale fumes all willy nilly, and that I wanna keep things from flying in my eyes. Be safe out there guys.

Step 4: Mind Your P's and Q's

Or, fix your letter Q's, if need be, if not, just paint your letters with a few coats of spray paint, no need to paint the back, since no one will see it. At this point, I recommend firing up a 2spooky4me halloween playlist and jammin' out while you work.

Step 5: Measure Your Ribbon

I just took the ribbon and unspooled it all willy nilly and just cut it to the length of my door, I glued the first letter on 15" down the ribbon, leaving a little space at the top to secure a loop. You can place the letters however you like though. I left a 3 1/2" space between each letter, and then just let the ribbon trail down until it reaches the bottom of the door.

Step 6: Spooky Scary Spider Time

sends shivers down your spine.
I used little plastic spiders from Hobby Lobby, the plastic spider rings work just as well, I just couldn't find any for some reason. That reason probably being that it's barely September.

I tried to just place my spiders around similar to the photo, I did cut some of the spiders legs down to turn them into a swarm of baby spiders though, nothing is scarier then a baby spider.

Step 7: Last Step

Place your decor on your door via the over the door hook, and then secure the bottom part with tape so it doesn't swing around when you use the door/the wind. Lastly, resist the urge to hang this up before mid-september. Cheers!