Introduction: Spider Infested Tv

It's time to upgrade your Tv for the spooky season!

You can alter the decoration to make it more kid-friendly or scarier by how you decorate each step.

Supplies ( by step):

Step 1: Razor knife, hot glue, ruler, pencil, blow dryer, 2-3 cardboard panels, and black or dark gray paint.

Step 2: Aluminum foil, scissors, decorating material

Step 3: vaseline, newspaper, paint, and mod podge or one part flour with one part of water (eg, 1 cup flour and 1 cup water, or 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water) until you get a thick glue-like consistency. Add a bit more water if it's too thick. Mix well with a spoon to get rid of all the lumps

Step 4: any finishing touches you'd like ( lights etc)

Step 1: Making the TV + Cobwebs

You'll need a pencil, razor knife, ruler, hot glue, blow dryer, 2-3 cardboard panels, and black or dark gray paint.

Time to get crafty!

STEP 1: measure and trace these sizes (LxWxH) of cardboard to cut out


Side A: 19x 12 x12

Side B: 26x 27 x12

Side C: 26x 13 x12

STEP 2: On one of your side B panels, you're going to cut out a rounded rectangle that is 2in from the left, top, bottom, and 4in from the right. Refer to 2nd photo. (my top left corner is a bit uneven and if you happen to make a whoopsie like that, we can cover it during the final decorations!)

STEP 6: To make the control panel on the right side ( refer to the 4th picture) you're going to use a piece of scrap panel and cut a rectangle that's 3.5x4x6 in. Then you're going to cut thin slits that are about 2 in wide at the bottom and the top slits are about .5 in. To make the knobs you're just going to layer circles of cardboard ( 1 large 2 medium then 1 small) and add a little line of cardboard on the last circle.

STEP 4: Place them together to form a rectangular box like the 3rd photo. Hot glue the inside portions of where each panel meets.

STEP 5: Paint the inside and outside of the box with whichever color paint you have!

STEP 6: COBWEBS: You're going to push some hot glue out and using the blow dryer, blow it towards the inside of the box. You can blow some on the outside but we're mainly trying to cover the inside. You can add more at the end if you'd like!

Step 2: Making the Spiders

For this, you'll need aluminum foil paper, scissors, and the material of your choice to decorate the spiders ( I'm using black spray paint but you can use yarn, fabric, and so on).

Let's Begin!

STEP 1 (2nd image): Cut a sheet of aluminon foil then cut 4 long strips and 1 small strip from that sheet.

STEP 2 (3rd image): Scrunch up and twist the strips you cut to form the spider's legs.

STEP 3 (4th image): Scrunch up the sheet from which you cut the strips then place the 4 long strips along with the sheet and roll upwards about 3-4 times so that it forms the spider's body

STEP 4 (5th image): Place the small strip at the top of the scrunched sheet and roll towards the bottom half to form the spiders head

STEP 5 (6th image): Bend the small strip inward and maneuver the legs to how you want them to look

* You can press and pinch the foil to make a better shape for the body at the stage*

STEP 6 (1st image): Create about 10-15 more in varying sizes ( you can change the size by cutting a bigger or smaller sheet and strips). Make sure that 1 of the 10 is larger than the rest because it'll come in handy for step 3!

Decorate them using whatever material you like!

Step 3: Making the Severed Head

I'd recommend having a towel handy in case things get messy!

Step 1: Cut the newspaper into squares and stips

Step 2: Cover the face your or someone's face in vaseline

Step 3: Dip the newspaper pieces into your adhesive ( mod podge or flour and water mix) and begin coating the front of your face and neck. Do about two-three layers of this

tip: when covering the neck make some pieces lower or more angled than others to give the severed look.


Step 4: Slowly take off the mask and let it dry for about 20 - 30 min

* the 2nd image is photographed right when I took it off my face*

Step 5: Begin touching up the mask with more newspaper and adhesive until it becomes your desired look

*i gave the cheeks a more chisled look and made the eye sockets smaller*

Step 6: Paint the face to look realistic. You can leave the eyes with no eyeball and just paint it black so it's like a socket or put fake eyes or have a hanging eye.

* I added black foam paper behind the eye sockets and the spaces where the spider didnt cover the mouth gap*

* I used highlighters and paint wash for a more opaque look*

Step 7: Once you've painted the face place your largest spider in the mouth so it looks like it's coming out of the severed heads mouth

Step 4: Putting It All Together/ Decorating

You're going to place the head in the middle of the Tv. You can rest it on a pole or have it lay on the bottom of the box. I just hot glued it to the cobwebs. You're then going to place you other spiders inside the box and around it ( however, you'd like).

I placed a red light inside the box so it was better to see the spiders on the web.

At this point, if you want to you can add

- more cobwebs

- more spiders

- lights inside the Tv

- another head

- Tv antennas

and so on...

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time!

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