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Introduction: Spider Jewelry Sculpture Decoration

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☆ This jewelry sculpture was made with vintage aurora borealis color crystal jewelry. Aurora Borealis is a shiny multi-colored, rainbow like finish on a rhinestone that was created by Swarovski ( a crystal making company). It was ment to mimic but, not to be confused with the Aurora Borealis effect in the sky that is created when particals from the sun react to the Earth's atmosphere.☆

☆ You could display your finished piece on a desk, shelf or a wall ☆.


• 1 jewelry pliers

• 1 aurora borealis large round glass clip on earring, or flat back crystal, 15mm.( for the front portion of the spider. You can use any round falt back stone, earring or brooch).

• 1 aurora borealis vintage brooch, 50mm. ( for the back portion of the spider. You can use any round shape brooch).

• 1 aurora borealis flat back crystal skull ( optional).

• 8 Jewelry head pin or eye pins, 50mm long each. ( for the spider legs. I used a mix of head pins and eye pins because that is what I had available).

• 2 part epoxy resin,
• 1 toothpick ( for mixing and applying the epoxy)
• 1 small piece of cardboard or a disposable plastic lid ( for mixing the 2 part epoxy resin).

• a lid or a bracelet that can fit all the way around your spider with a few millimeters of room ( this is to used to hold the legs in place somewhat, while gluing the spider legs in to position).

• 1 chalk
• 1 scissors
• 1: 6"x 6" inch piece of felt ( your choice color).
• 1: 5"x 4" inch frame (with no glass).

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

Now time to epoxy the spider body together.
Take the earring and brooch (the head and body portion of the spider). Figure out where you want the head portion glued to the back body portion. Prepare the epoxy and with the toothpick apply the epoxy to the brooch on top towards the very edge and place the head portion on to the epoxy.
Wait at least 30 minutes before continuing to step 2.

Step 2: Making the Legs

With jewelry pliers, bend the eye pin or head pin near the base of the eye or head and go up about 13mm and bend again. To make a check mark looking shape, for the legs. Repeat this step with all 8 head pins or eye pins before continuing to step 3.

Step 3: Epoxy the Spider Legs

Flip over the spider, so you can see the underside. Place a bracelet around the spider or place in a lid. Place epoxy on the underside of the earring head portion, closer to the brooch body portion. Place the legs one at a time. The legs will touch, that is okay. Wait 30 minutes before continuing to the next step.

Step 4: Bend Those Legs

Bend the legs slightly with your fingers for your desired look. Don't bend to much or the metal will break like a paper clip.

Step 5: Decorate the Decorative Spider!

Now mix and apply epoxy to the back side of the crystal skull. Place the crystal skull on top of the spider, where the head and body are connected.

Step 6: Now Lets Get the Frame Ready!

Take the back of the frame and place it on to the felt. With the chalk, trace around the back of the frame on the felt. Then cut out the felt with scissors. Place the cut felt in to the frame then place the back, back on to the frame. ( My frame came with a cardboard insert that I used. If your particular frame doesn't have one, you may not need it. You can make one with an extra piece of cardboard).

Step 7: Let Add the Sculpture to the Frame!

Figure out where on the felt that you want to place the spider.
Prepare the epoxy mixture. Apply the epoxy to the spider on the underside, where the spider touches the felt first ( not the legs).

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