Spider Man Miles Morales Mask With Moving Lenses and No Electronics




Introduction: Spider Man Miles Morales Mask With Moving Lenses and No Electronics

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Hi Makers hope you are doing great! In this instructables we are going to make SPIDERMAN MILES MORLES MASK WITH MOVING LENS and best part being NO ELECTRONICS has been used to make this. I have given free template for this project you can check it out in further steps.

So lets start to make this by gathering supplies

Step 1: Supplies

  • A4 sheet paper
  • 4 Cardboard pieces (single corrugated)of size 30cm*30cm
  • Thread of any color
  • Red and black spray paint, If you don't have spray paint fabric paint can be used
  • Paper cutter
  • Paper glue
  • Mosquito mesh 2 pieces of 6cm square each
  • Fishing wire or any strong thread
  • Hot glue or super glue

Step 2: Templates

You can readily download printable version by clicking HERE or you can trace the template or print it on a sheet of paper,

Please note that if size of your head is small reduce size of template

Instead of using printer i traced the template on sheet of a4 size paper

Step 3: Building Stage 1

After you have your template stick it on piece of cardboard, Allow some time to dry as wet glue makes the cutting process difficult and you will end with poor surface finish

I use thin paper cutter to cut along the sides of template, you can use scissors but the finish will be of very poor quality

At end of this process you will be left out with 6 pieces that are ready to be assembled!

Step 4: Building Stage 2

The bigger part will be very easy to assemble, Just bend it so that all joints come closer and use super glue to stick it, you can use tiny amount of hot glue to do the same

Other parts will be added to this bigger part as shown in pictures

Note: 3 unique pieces form one part of shell likewise same with other part

Once you have two halves join it and now you have one shell ready

Step 5: Hardening Face Shell

Sad part about this shell is it is very weak and unable to withstand impact also looks are not appealing

So we are doing the process of hardening, to do this i mixed some amount of white paper glue with water. Followed by adding this syrup on shell and then covering with tissue

The process consumes some time but believe me its all worth in the end, you can add more layers to add immense strength

Step 6: Painting Hardened Shell

I use matte black spray paint to paint this face shell, It took me around one complete day to get this hard shell. Depending on climate condition dry time varies, in warm region the process is faster when compared to colder regions

Step 7: Eye Frames

Just draw the shape of eyes on sheet of paper, to be much more accurate i would suggest you to take a small sheet of paper, insert it inside shell and later using pen trace the shape

This helps to get exact size required and makes the design a lot easier, Since paper is weak i traced the same on thin piece of cardboard and then spray painted it with glossy red color

Step 8: Installing Into Shell

whoa this looks like those party masks! But its not for party here.

Installing this to main shell is very easy, Just glue it to the lens part using super glue and you are good to go!

Step 9: Spider Design

To make spider web like pattern on shell i used woolen thread painted with red color fabric paint

Just stick to shell using super glue

Tip: Start by vertical long lines later you can glue horizontal lines this helps to get your job done faster

Step 10: Moving Lens Preparation

I have taken reference of inner lens and made this moving lens just make sure it is slightly larger than lens in the shell

This mechanism is very simple when you look closer you can see that this is pretty much similar to working of scissors

To make hinges where 2 lens slide i used toothpick on top of which piece of paper was rolled and super glued

Later i pinned this on mid of the shell as shown in the pictures

Step 11: Building Moving Lens

To enable smooth sliding of lenses i used pair of paper roll on both the sides of lenses, this was used as we know that shell is in curved shape. Hence it is difficult for movements of lenses

Super glue was used on all sides of these paper rolls to stick firmly with shell

I added limits on joining parts of moving lens you can skip this part if you want your lens to be fully closed, i found adding limits makes this lens much more attractive

Step 12: Adding Retraction Mechanism

Fish wire is strong and flexible hence i found this would fit the purpose, this was glue to working len in such a way that when string is pulled both the lens move

Here when i was doing this i found that if we pull string lens would close but what about opening?

Hence rubber band was attached to sides of all the lenses as you can see in the image

By doing this when you pull the string tension will be created on rubber band which is helpful for automatic opening of lid when string is released

Step 13: Testing and Adding Holder

I Have added support aka holder that holds this mask with your head, i got this from my old backpack

Full working and making video tutorial can be found HERE If you tried this project feel free to share your pictures :) Thank you for reading and take care.

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