Spider Man Watch !!!

Introduction: Spider Man Watch !!!


We all are here to make and discover new things in the all around Instrucable contest . we all are doing our best in creativity .

Now, me and my friend are here to make a instructable named Spider man watch !!

It's very very simple to make and also you can gift it to all your friends .

so lets get started and make Spider man watch !!!!!


  • piece of cardboard
  • sketch pen
  • paint (red and black)
  • paint brush
  • spring (3 cm max)
  • pair of scessor
  • glue

Step 1: Cutting a Sketch Pen .

First take a sketch pen and cut it from bottom (3 cm) .

and remove the bottom cap from it so we can fix spring in it.

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Now keep the sketch pen aside and take a peace of cardboard and cut it into a square shape (3cm).

cut two piece like this and then take another cardboard and cut the rectangular shape (3 cm and 1 cm)

Step 3: Making the Main Part of Watch

Now take the cutted cardboard and stick it same shown above .

Stick it properly from the corner so it looks good as such.

Take care :- when you are applying glue on cardboard it will soak it can damage your cardboard .

for this thing apply little bit of glue on your cardboard.

Now,take the sketch pen part and stick it inside the box you have made .

and before this take spring and insert it inside the sketch pen part .

Take care :- you can get hurt so put the spring slowly .

Step 4: Wrist Strap

Now again take a cardboard strap and cut it 3 cm broad and the length (measurement of your hand) .

Step 5: Position of Watch to Stick on Strap

When ever you stick the upper part of the watch take care it should be in middle .

now take a scale and measure the length and mark it from between (like if its 10 cm then 5 cm, if 20 cm then 10 cm).

If you have marked it then stick the box on it carefully .

Step 6: Finally Painting !!!

Now, if you have made the watch color it with paint red .

Then let it dry and draw lines or any other design on the strap . Will look good.

now if the box has got dry make a spider tag on it .

And now its readyyyy !!!!

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    2 years ago

    Great it's best out of waste... Good going ....keep it up....Keep posting with new ideas .....


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you so much