Introduction: Spider Mansion (Simon Says Horror Game for HALLOWEEN)


In this project we have used the Arduino to create, thanks to the knowledge acquired in class, an interactive game from scratch inspired by the Halloween party.
This project has been carried out from the programming part for the operation of the game to the mechanical and assembly part to perform the physical interaction platform where people will play.

The game was based on repeating the sequence of lights generated by the program as in the electronic board game Simon. In this case, if you repeat the sequence three times in a row, the candy dispenser is activated correctly. If the sequence fails, the system throws you the toy spiders on the roof thanks to a spring installed inside the house.


- Arduino IDE Mega 2560

- Servo Motor (2 components)

- Buzzer

- Led (4 different colors) Recommended Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

- Button (5 components)

- Jumper Wire (50 components)

- 800 x 300 x 4 MDF wood

-Thermoplastic glue gun

- 40 x 4 PVC tube (150 mm long)

- Metal Spring (from surprise spring box)

- Black Paint Spray

- Hinge (2 components)

Other Requirements:

- AutoCAD 2019 license

- Solidworks 2019 student edition license (OPTIONAL)

- Printer

- Sticker printer paper

- Laser cutter

- Arduino software Link in Supplies


Buy a ELEGOO kit to have a lot of components that you will need for this project.

Link in Supplies



Link of kit, click right here to buy, ELEGOO KIAT

Arduino Software, click right here to obtain it, ARDUINO SOFTWARE

Youtube videos, click right here youtubechannel

Step 1: 3D Dimensions

Let's start with the dimensions of the mansion.

With Solidworks 2019 student edition you can see the shape of the final result. This open resource project offers to you the possibility to change any dimension to make your own Spider Mansion.

Download the SLD file to see the 3D Spider Mansion.

Step 2: Laser Cut and Drop System

Next, you will need the 800 x 300 x 4 mm MDF wood.

Download the autocad file and fix it in the MDF wood dimensions, next you have to send this file to the Laser Cutter.

When it's done, you can assemble all the pieces to obtain the mansion box.

Now, it's time to build the drop system, take your tube and cut it in two pieces, 70mm and 40mm, assemble both in 90º shape, use the thermoplastic glue gun. Next, insert the piece result in the box (mansion).

This shape will work like a slide; with servo motor the candy that the mansion will drop will be locked, so when servo works it will allow the drop of the candy.

You can see this system at the video.

The other system is for throwing the spider, you shoud use sping, two hinges and the other servo motor. The catapult represents the roof of the mansion, so it will be boosted by the spring located inside the mansion. You have to assemble the roof with the two hinges to provide a movement similar to a door, however, it will be boosted by the spring when the servo motor unlocked the system.

Step 3: Mansion Design (DIY Optional)

You have all the templates to design your own mansion; but, if you prefer, you have at your disposal the templates of the original Spider Mansion. A4 dimension file for all the pdf's.

Download the x_pegatinas.pdf files to print the original templates.

Download the x_diy.pdf files to do your own design.

Finally, you only have to print the pdf files in sticker paper, it will be more easier to fix in the wood.

Step 4: Halloween Items

It's time to buy the Halloween items!You will need some spiders to decorate the mansion; however you will also need some candy, these must have a spherical shape to slide into the drop system. We recommend you some bubble gums.

Step 5: Arduino UNO Code

We give to you all the code for all the system.

You only have to download the arduino uno software, the code of this project and executate it in the arduino board.

Also, you have access to the scheme of all the wires to connect it.

Step 6: Electronic Assembly

Now it's time to connect all the electronic system and assembly all of those into the mansion.

For the button panel you only have to assemble the five buttons, the four leds and the buzzer, remember that each button is for one of those leds, so put it each of them near the led that it represents.

All of the components of the button panel can be instaled on MDF wood, so it will represent the roof of the mansion.

Finally, you can paint all the inside of the mansion and all the area without sticker; next, attach all the stickers and decorate the outside with some spiderwebs and other spiders.

Don't forget to assemble the candy drop base!

Step 7: Final Result

The realization of this project has helped us realize the great possibilities of creating any type of invention thanks to programming. To make this game from scratch we have seen that it can have many aspects to take into account and solve all the problems that will arise throughout the process. Having freely rambled among all the options learned and having applied them as we have wanted has had a challenge to make but with great experience and learning fun.

The project has given a totally satisfactory result and has made us a better sense how it is applied in daily life, the technological part and the importance that this entails.