Introduction: Spider-man Save the Day.

Hello, this time I try to use Super hero cartoon comic as the main idea in the design. My design will base on the cartoon fantasy involve the Spider-man saving the box’s structure that full of books falling down. The design of the box’s structure is use as the bookcase. It’s function as look amazing as well.

The dimension:

The Box’s structure: Length 30 x Width 30 x Height 60 centimeters.

Spider-man figure: Height 30 centimeters.

Supplies that you need to do the Spider-man save the day’s project.

1. Any kind of wood (For the frame) and plywood.

2. Spider-man figure.

3. String, Spray paint, clear lacquer,

4. All purposes glue, screw, and nails.

Step 1: Cut the Wood

Cut the wood (For the frame) 4 pieces at 60 x 2 x 2 centimeters and for the 4 short pieces need to cut at 30 x 2 x 2 centimeters and the plywood needs to be cut at 26 x 30 centimeters. Now you need to cut at 45 degree angle at the end of the Long and short pieces in order to make into the frame. Then use the sander to sand all the woods to make it smooth and clean all pieces. Next is to assembly by using wood glue at the 45 degree angle and use the nails (or you can use air nail gun, will work as well). You need to do one side at the time and attach the short pieces to the plywood with wood glue and nails before, you can attach to the frame. It will make thing easier.

Step 2: Spray Paint

Need to fill up the nail holes by using the gypsum filler and sand to make it smooth. Clean the frame with dry cloth. Now I use white spray to make the primer and let it dry. Next I measure to attach the hanger and drill the holes. Then I use the red spray to spray the frame. Maybe spray 2-3 coats. Now I use the string to make the spider web by make the long strings and use the masking tape at the end of the string. Use the glue to the short string between the webs. Just estimate the distance between the connecting webs. Then spray clear lacquer to make string a little harder.

Step 3: Attach Spider-man

For the Spider-man figure I drill the hole at the bottom of the foot. In order for the figure to stay on the wall, I drill small hole at the wall and attach small piece of metal inside the wall and inside the Spider-man’s foot to support the Spider-man weight. Now I position the Spider-man’s figure before glue the Spider-man to the wall. Then drill the holes for hanging the box’s structure. The last thing is the connecting the webs to the Spider-man hands and attach to the box’s structure by using glue.

Special thanks: Mr. Sakorn, Mr. O

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