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Introduction: Spider-man Web Shooter

This is a prop from the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie and I had seen a 3D printed version of it and I don't have one. SO, I decided to make this from old watch parts and plastic bits along with a little LED wiring.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

-An old watch: I got mine for $4 at Big Lots

-1 2032 3 volt coin cell battery ( or 2 1.5volt LR41 whichever you prefer)

-A push button switch

-copper wire

-Circuit board: I got is at radio shack in a two pack for $5. It doesn't need to have copper rings, as long as it has holes, you're good.

-White LED: 25mA and 2.6V

-Red Bingo chip

-Blue Tupperware cap or any other plastic blue see through material

-Dremel and bits

-Hot Glue and soldering tool+solder

-Spray paint(optional)

-Leather and thread(preferably jean durable thread)

-Sharpie, screwdriver, and knife if needed

Step 2: Step 2: Setting Up

I drew the circuit diagram to show that the switch is wired in between the battery and the light. So a copper wire that is touching the battery takes the current to one leg of the button. A second wire connects to the other leg and takes the current to negative(small) LED leg. The positive(long) LED leg is then connected to the positive battery side, thus completing the circuit.

Okay, take apart the watch. I had to smash the face and push out the bottom cap and it's contents. The plastic ring was inside. Don't throw that out. If you want, spray paint the watch bezel and set it to dry.

While it dries, take your circuit board and use a compass and sharpie to make a circle the size of the inner part of the watch. That's where you'll slide the board in. Cut out the circle with a dremel or hand saw or electric saw, whichever you prefer, and then sand it smooth manually or with a green/pink dremel sanding bit. Check if the circle fits.

Step 3: Step 3: Bingo Was His Name-o

Glue your little bingo chip to the inner watch plastic ring. Sometimes the plastic ring has a mini tower like thing in the center that holds the watch batter and stuff so if you don;t like the height, cut it with the dremel cut off tool.

Also if you's like, cut out a blue, or whichever color, circle the same size as the plastic watch ring to defuse the brightness of the White LED.

Step 4: Step 4: the Wiring

I wanted to create a battery holder that wasn't so bulky and could fir in the watch bezel so i took a five hour energy cap and cut the end off to make a ring which a hot glued to the board.

In the center of the battery holder ring run some copper wire through. Have it create a mini bridge that runs across three or four holes. One side of the wire is going to weave under and then up to touch one button leg. Solder the wire and leg togerther and put a small bit of hot glue to hold it. Take a new wire and weave it from the other leg to the place you want to put the LED so that it creates a bridge on the other side of the board. THE LED IS ON THE SIDE FACING UP AND THE BUTTON AND BATTERY FACE DOWN.

Solder the small LED leg to the wire and glue it. That leg can be cut to avoid conflict. Take the longer side and place it on top of the. + battery side. Test the connection and current before hot gluing the battery to the board and the leg to the batter.

Step 5: Step 5: Putting It All Together

Glue the board, LED UP, to the Bezel.

Then take your colored plastic and glue that to the plastic watch ring ( I painted it black to match the bezel) and glue that to the face of the bezel.

I put little gears in between the color plastic and bingo chip plastic ring part for effect.

Take some leather and cut it and fold it around the metal pole on the side of the watch that once held the strap that held the watch on your wrist. Sew it with a leather specific needle to keep it together.

You can either so the wrapped leather to a bigger piece of leather that is the wristband or you can make holes to put button snaps. The button snaps help so you can easily change out the battery.

Use button snaps on the leather wristband so that you can snap on and snap off the prop.

Step 6: Step 6: Work It

Put it on and flex your wrist to hit the push button. It will turn on the LED to make it look like the movie prop. If you want to make it more realistic, add "fluid cartridges" and maybe a bigger nozzle in the front, it's up to you.

Please vote for this project and try it for yourselves and tell me how it worked out or if you have questions or problems.

Enjoy! :)

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