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Introduction: Spiderman Web Shooter

For this instructable, you will need, some thread, a large staw, and small straw, a spring, and a piece of cardboard.

Step 1: The Mechanism

Hot glue the spring to the inside end of the large straw but make sure the spring is still springy but it just does not fall out.

Step 2: The Shooter

Take your small straw and put hot glue on both ends but make one end flat and 1 end-rounded

Step 3: The String

Cut as much as a string as you want to, glue the string to the top of the shooter and the glue the other end of the string to the barrel ( large straw ).

Step 4: The Holder

Glue the barrel to the cardboard and hold like this and let go of the finger holding down the shooter and it should shoot and you should be able to pull it back if it doesn't shoot it means you made the shooter to heavy and you can lighten it by removing some hot glue. If it still doesn't shoot you can remove the string. And there you have it a spiderman web shooter.

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    2 years ago on Step 4

    I built something similar inspired by TKOR once; basically a wrist-mounted grappling hook. It's in pieces now, but I loved it (going to repair it now that I'm seeing this). Definitely voting for!