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Introduction: Spidey Clock

I love spiderman and my wife hates spiders, so what better way to tell the time than with a Spidey Clock. It is quite funny that the clock I am replacing was damaged trying to catch a spider with the wife screaming, which is why I choose Spider Mans logo.

I was looking for something that would install fear but also look really good and minimal against the wall. This is what I came up with and really like the results, do you?

Step 1: Trace Your Spider Logo and Convert to a Lasercut File

I found a really nice Spiderman logo and started to edit it in Adobe Illustrator. I started by using the trace object function, selected a black and white logo and the results look excellent. I then used the paint object and saved the file as a CS2 format without compression and without PDF compatibility.

I then opened this file in Lasercut and selected the relevant settings to cut 3mm ply.

Step 2:

Loading the lasercut files into our laser machine I located the right datum point on the ply, aligned the job and initiated a test run to ensure the cut would fit. Once happy I cut the spider and the results look good.

Step 3: Paint Your Spider Logo

I used matt black poster paint to paint my spider, he is not going out in the rain and there is no moisture in the house so I am happy this will be fine. Give the face and sides a good coat and allow to dry. I did not paint the rear.

Step 4: Add Your Clock Mechanism and Background

Drill an 8mm hole to fit the mechanism through. I had to find a clock that could hide behind the body of the spider, and that's not easy as the cheaper mechanisms are quite large. The result looks good and now lives on my wall.

I hope you have fun making yours.

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    7 years ago

    Great looking clock.
    I would think a person and a scroll saw could make something similar.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project. I love clock projects, They make great gifts. I plan to make a Spiderman clock in a similar style to my Batman clock Instructable.