Spin Me Right Round (Like a DNA Strand)

Introduction: Spin Me Right Round (Like a DNA Strand)

I decided to make this project because personally I'm tired of seeing all of those fidget spinners out there, I think they look a little rediculous. I'm not here to say that this is the solution but it sure is something. I did get a bit of inspiration from a DNA strand for the design. This is just something fun for people to mess around with. What seperates me and the fidget spinners is that I will make no claims that it helps solve ADD or ADHD issues. Although I did have a couple of problems in which the main one is that it works in theory and hasn't been tested on a full scale before


3D Printer

TinkerCAD (Optional: Fuzion 360)


Any sort of computer that can download and run these programs (not including TinkerCAD)

Step 1: Create Design Using TinkerCAD

For this you will be using the free online 3D modeling software called Tinkercad by Autodesk. The community has produced many pre-built pieces and shapes for you to use in your design. Of course the my version of this is in the attached .stl file. Feel free to make any personalizations you want. If you want to make a better or more accurate version of the model use Fuzion360 it's free for students for a couple of years.

Step 2: Download the Completed .stl File

Once you are finished editing the model, or even if you didn't, you must download the .stl file in order to print it. In TinkerCAD there is a save button. You will need to print both files in order to fully complete the print.

Step 3: Use a G-code Slicer to Prepare the Model for Printing

I recommend using Slic3r since it's free and fairly simple to use. You will load up the model and slice the g-code. The parameters will change depending on the 3D printer you're using.

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    3 years ago

    This would be a fun display to have in a classroom :) The kids would love to play with it and it would be a neat display.