Spinach Puri



Introduction: Spinach Puri

- Spinach puris are made by mixing wheat flour with spinach and some simple spices.This can be served with potato gravy.


- 3 cups wheat flour

- 3 table spoon semolina

- one cup pureed spinach

- salt as per taste

Step 1: Making Dough

-Take 3 cups wheat flour in bowl and add 3 tablespoon semolina,pinch of salt and teaspoon red chilli powder to it and give a mix.

Step 2: Make Spinach Paste

-I used 10 small blocks of frozen spinach.Take spinach blocks and microwave for 5 minutes. Use the paste obtained for making puris.

- If you are using fresh spinach you need to blend to make paste.

Step 3: Add Spinach Paste to Flour

- Now add prepared spinach paste to flour and mix slowly.Dont add any water to make dough.

- If dough is sticky just sprinkle little flour and if its dry add tablespoon water.(water is not required mostly)

Step 4: Make Dough

Finally add teaspoon oil and mix everything and make dough.Dough should not be totally soft but little stiff.

Step 5: Make Small Balls Out of Dough

-Divide the dough to small balls of equal size.

Step 6: Rolling

-Now take rolled balls.Dust some flour on rolling surface and roll them using rolling pin.Rolling should not be too thin nor too thick.

Step 7: Roll All Balls

-Similarly roll all of them using same procedure

Step 8: Frying

-Heat the oil and fry them.Take rolled puri and add in oil and start pressing at sides once added so that it puffs up.

Step 9: Serve

-You can eat spinach puris as it is without any accompainment but if you wish you can serve with potato gravy curry

Here is the recipe for potato gravy curry for spinach puris

Step 10: Procedure for Potato Gravy Curry


- 2 boiled potatoes

- One diced tomato

- Half cup boiled fresh green peas

- One teaspoon coriander powder

- One teaspoon red chilli powder

- pinch of turmeric powder

- One teaspoon ginger garlic paste

- salt as per taste

-One teaspoon cumin and mustard seeds.

- Half teaspoon split black gram

- Cooking oil

Step 11: Boil Potatoes

-Boil potatoes in pressure cooker. peel and chop them . Even chop tomatoes

Step 12: Preparing Curry

-Take a vessel and add oil to it. when is heated add cumin,mustard seeds. when they crackle add split black gram and saute for few seconds

Step 13: Add Tomatoes

-Next add chopped tomatoes and saute for few minutes.Add pinch of turmeric powder and teaspoon ginger garlic paste

Step 14: Add Spices

-Once tomatoes becomes mushy add teaspoon coriander powder,teaspoon red chilli powder and salt as per taste. Mix everything

Step 15: Add Potatoes

-Add boiled chopped potatoes and slightly mash them.Add water and make gravy like consistency

Step 16: Add Boiled Fresh Green Peas

-Finally add boiled fresh green peas and give a mix. cover and cook for some time.

- Serve potato gravy curry with spinach puris

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