Spinach Strawberry Salad



Introduction: Spinach Strawberry Salad

A simple quick salad to throw together containing spinach, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. This salad is nice because it's flexible. You can easily add or remove ingredients as you wish. In my personal opinion, as long as you have spinach and strawberries, you're good.

Step 1: Add Spinach

Get enough spinach to feed those that will be partaking, wash it off, and put it in a bowl.

Step 2: Add Strawberries and Pomegranates

Wash the strawberries, remove the green tops, and cut the strawberries, cutting along the profile of the strawberry. (Start at the top of the strawberry and cut towards the bottom.). Place the cut strawberries on top of the spinach.
Remove the skin for the pomegranate and place the seeds on top of the spinach/strawberries.

Step 3: Top With Feta Cheese

Toss the spinach, strawberries, and pomegranate together. Lastly, add the Feta cheese on top.
Another great option to add to this salad is candied pecans, but it's strictly optional.

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