Spine-Chilling Haunted House

Introduction: Spine-Chilling Haunted House

In this tutorial, we will cover how to make THE most spine-chilling haunted house out there using a simple, free image editor called GIMP. These pictures make great centerpieces and wall hangings!

Step 1: Adding Clouds

This won't be too hard.
Once you have selected an image of a house, open it in GIMP by selected File>Open. Once that is done, find your cloud brush under the "Brushes" tab. Or, if you are new to gimp, go to deviantart.com and search under the GIMP brushes tab and find some you like. While you're there, you may consider looking for chain brushes, blood brushes, grass brushes, and tree brushes.
Once you have your brush ready, make the size of the brush about 1.00-1.50 and put the clouds all around, from the bottom up, but leaving some of the house visible.
I made the clouds look like fog, so I made the color gray, but be creative!

Step 2: Adding Some Blood

If you have a pack of blood brushes handy, awesome, because for this next step you're going to need them. If you don't, again, go get them from deviantart.com.
Add smudges of blood wherever you please. It could look something like this once you're done.

Step 3: Plants

Haunted houses are always descried with vines and overgrown trees, with willows, or tall grasses. So if you have a grass, tree, and branch brush handy, awesome again. If you don't, you know the drill.
Take your grass brush and make it size 1.00-1.50 and make grass going along the bottom of the paper. (See picture below.) Then add however many trees, plants, and vines you wish.
It could look something like the picture below.

Starting to look spooky, right?

Step 4: The Final Touches

Finally, take a chain brush, if you don't have one go to deviantart.com. Make a chain hanging from the right corner to the edge of the columns. Then, if you want, add some circling hawks above the house. (The hawks I believe came with GIMP. If they did not, I would look again on deviantart.com).

The finished product will look something like this:

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Out of interest, why did you choose Moor Park Mansion?


    Great! I love that you used a free program. Too many people think they can't mess around with pictures because they don't have Photoshop.