Introduction: Spinning Battery!!!!!

In this how to we will make a spinning battery!

You will need:

-one big battery

-pliers(to help bend the wire)

- a copper wire that is 12 inches

-two circular magnets


-some pictures from the internet of your choice

-scissors to cut out the pictures


Step 1: Adjusting the Wire to Fit the Battery

The first thing you need to do is put two magnets on the negative side of the magnet. I suggest that you get super strong magnets without conductive paint coated on them. Anyways, to get the battery to spin you need
to find the center of gravity. Bend the wire and balance it on the positive side of the battery. Make sure that only one end of the wire is touching the negative side of the magnet.

Step 2: It Is SPINNING!!!!!!

YEAH IT IS COMPLETE!!!! But now you have to personalize it.

Step 3: Personalizing!!!

Cut out some pictures from the internet and tape them to the wire. Now when the wire spins you will see the picture of your choice!!