Introduction: Spinning Cactus Ring Holder!

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Wanna grab your favorite ring but it's all the way down, trapped by your other rings?

This cactus will fix your problems! Its many thorns will hold your precious rings and display them individually. You can also spin it so you can see them from all angles, and never loose sight of them.

No more clumsy ring stacks!

Step 1: Materials.

  • Two rectangles of steel : 25 x 10 cm, to make the faces of the cactus.
  • One square of steel: 22 x 22 cm, to make the circular steel base.
  • One square of wood: 22 x 22 cm, to make the circular wood base.
  • Steel rod, enough to cover the 36 rods of 3.5 cm long and 2 mm thick (126 cm long in total).
  • One revolving base, smaller than the circular bases (no bigger than 22 cm, so it doesn´t show).
  • Gorrilla glue.
  • Four1/2 inch screws.

NOTE: I made two cactuses; one tall, one short. So you might see them in some pictures. This instructables is done with the tall cactus dimensions.

Step 2: Draw This Shape and Cut!

Draw the dimentions of the first photo on a piece scrap of metal.

Then, carefully cut it with a guillotine or other equipment you have available.

You should have two rectangles with semicircles for ends of the same size. One of those will have to be cut exactly in half. These will be the faces of the cactus.

Step 3: Drill Holes.

After cutting, drill the holes on the marks the first drawing says.

The 3 holes in the middle of the complete face will be used to weld the other halves later.

Step 4: Cut the Thorns!

Cut a steel rod of 2 mm of diametre into 36 rods of 3 cm long.

Why 36? Because that´s the amount of holes we made on Step 3 (without counting the 3 holes in the middle).

Step 5: Practice the Angles.

Get someone to help you! Welding this little rods will be the most hardest thing on this instructable.

Step 6: Weld Them in Place.

When you start welding, keep the steel rods at a consistent angle AND weld the rods in a odd pattern.

One to the right, the other to the left.


Weld the little rods from one side first, so you can sand much easier from the other side. It is trickier to sand it when all the rods are placed.

Step 7: Sand It!

Sand all faces until flat again.

Step 8: Weld the Faces Together. Starting to Look Like a Cactus!

Use the 3 holes in the middle of the compete face to weld easier the two halves.

Step 9: Cut and Weld.

Cut a circle for the the steel base of 22 cm diametre and weld it from the cactus ends.

Step 10: Add Coats of Primer.

So it doesn't rust.

Step 11: Paint Them the Color of Your Choice!

Golden looks best, in my opinion.

Step 12: Now, the Real Base!

To make the spinning base, you must cut a circle out of any wood (I used pine), I recommend 3/4" or 1" inch width, and the same diametre of the steel base (22 cm).

Give these wood circle a finish of your choice.


Place your steel base on top of the wood and trace the circle directly.

Step 13: Add the Revolving Base.

Screw the revolving base onto the wood and use Gorilla Glue on the steel base.

I bought this at a Home Depot.

Step 14: And That's It, Spin It!

Step 15: Add Your Jewerly!

Step 16: Thanks for Reading!

I hope you can make your own spinningcactus ring holder, for a gift or for yourself!

If there´s a doubt, please let me know.

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