Introduction: Spinning DAB Silhouette

you will need:


box cutter

2 wooden dowels of any size that is available (not too big, maybe about as thick as your pointer finger and if you are an adult you might want to use your pinky finger)

Dab silhouette (not needed but is helpful, you can get it from the internet )

Duck tape

Hot glue gun

Step 1: The Box

To start building this you first need to cut out six squares the are 6 inches wide and 6 inches long then with two of them you need to cut a small circular hole in the center of them.

Step 2: Gears

Make 3 gears that are about 3.5 inches wide and make sure they have 9 teeth, punch holes into the centers of them. If the gears do not work find a gear generating website to help you make them.

Step 3: Spacer #1

Roll up cardboard that is an inch wide and as long as you want (preferably smaller for less friction between moving parts) make sure the wooden dowel can fit into the hole.

Step 4: Spacer #2

Make another spacer with the width of 3.75 inches and how ever long you want it ( the longer it is the thicker it will be when rolled up which is what you want for a later step. On a side of the cardboard roll cut out a hole where another dowel can go.

Step 5: Holder

This piece is designed to keep the wooden dowel in place when it is moving and it keeps the gears and spacers from falling off. Roll up some more cardboard that has a width of about an inch and make it short for less friction and then tape it to one of the squares without a hole in it.

Step 6: Making the Box

Start by placing the spacers and a gear on one of the dowels in this order starting from the top and going to the bottom, spacer #1, gear, Spacer #2. Then place the square with the piece that holds the dowel still on the side of the dowel that is closest to spacer #2 to look like the picture and on the other side of the dowel place a square with a hole on it. if you feel good with the placement of the gear then hot glue it to the dowel (only the gear).

Step 7: The Hand Crank

Place another gear on the second dowel place one end into the side hole in spacer #2 and the other in the last square with a hole in it with the gear in the center of it, move the gear around until it can touch the other gear and spin it, if you are good with the placement of the gear then hot glue it to the dowel.

Step 8: The Last of the Box

If you have your box looking similar to the first picture than you can start placing on the other sides of the square except for one of them so you can do some final changes as shown in the 3rd picture, you need to ad a piece of cardboard so it will connect to the 2nd spacer and one of the squares so it will keep the spacer from moving when the horizontal dowel comes out slightly like mine but to keep this from happening you just need to add a little ring closest to the square on the horizontal dowel to stop it from sliding in and out.

Step 9: Door

If anything is wrong or brakes somehow just use the last square and use a piece of tape as a hinge like on a door, hot glue a little strip of cardboard onto the "door" so it can be used as a lock, hot glue a piece of cardboard that is shaped as an arch onto a side of one of the squares where the door can lock onto it using its little strip of cardboard.

Step 10: Handle

Use the last gear to use it as a handle by putting it onto the horizontal dowel then you need to fold it in half where the teeth match up except for one, then glue them together and glue it to the dowel.

Step 11: Dab

To create the silhouette you can look up a picture online and then cut it out on cardboard so you have something to put on the vertical dowel, make an H by hot gluing two pieces of card board together, attach one side to the dowel using hot glue and the other to the person Dabbing.

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