Introduction: Spinning LEDs (or LED Lit Fan)

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While wondering what kind of Instructable I should make I came across some LEDs. Wondering what to make with them I finally figured it out. A fan that has LEDs in it! Sure you can buy one, but you can't as easily change the colors or places of the LEDs. With this you can!

Step 1: What You Need.

You will need:

Tape (Duct tape works best) Shown here is electrical tape.
A small motor. Mine came from one of those things where you put lip gloss on it, turn it on, and drop coloring on the lip gloss.
Batteries. For the motor and the LEDs. I used two button cell batteries for each LED and taped them around the sides so they would stay together.
Two LEDs. You can use more but don't use more batteries because it will make it too heavy.
(Not pictured) Cardboard for the fan "blades"

Step 2: The "blades"

Cut a piece of cardboard into the shape shown below. Put holes where you want the LEDs to go and one hole in the middle that the spinning part of the motor will go in.

Step 3: Assembly =3 Meow

Put the "blades" on the spinning part of the motor. Then put the LEDs in their holes.

Step 4: LEDs and Batteries and Motors Oh My!

Now hook the LEDs to the batteries with the tape. When they work, tape them to the bottom of the cardboard as shown.

Step 5: The End

Now you can turn it on. If it doesn't start turning when held on it's side hold it face up and then turn it on it's side once it's spinning. If it still doesn't work check to see if the wires on the motor are attached. If it still doesn't work, make sure you put the battery in :).