Spinning Spin Tops

Introduction: Spinning Spin Tops

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DIY Spinning Spin tops will keep you entertained yet did you know there's some science behind it. Explore physics through play and practice fine motor skills as well. We're talking about potential and kinetic energy.


Old unused CDs or DVDs

Bottle cap


Hot glue gun + a couple glue sticks

Step 1: DIY Spinning Spin Tops

The science behind spinning tops is actually very complex. Here’s a very simplified version as to what’s going on: When you initially spin the top, you’re turning the top’s stored energy (potential energy) into energy of motion (kinetic energy). The top eventually stops spinning because of friction and gravity. The surface below the top provides friction, eventually causing the spinning to slow down, and the top begins to wobble. As it begins to wobble, the top tilts, allowing gravity to pull it over.

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