Introduction: Spinning Spoon Machine

  • First, you prepared a box of about 15cm times 20cm. Then cut 3 small holes for the button, motor and the wires. Then, you open your Arduino starts to write the code :

void __StepMotor(int MotorStep,int MotorSpeed,int pinNumberA, int pinNumberB,int pinNumberC,int pinNumberD)
{ pinMode(pinNumberA, OUTPUT);

pinMode(pinNumberB, OUTPUT);

pinMode(pinNumberC, OUTPUT);

pinMode(pinNumberD, OUTPUT);

for(int i=0; ivoid setup() { pinMode( 7 , INPUT); }

void loop() { if (digitalRead( 7 )) { __StepMotor(512, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5); delay( 1000 ); __StepMotor(256, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2); delay( 1000 ); } }

Step 1: How to Make the Machine?

  • After finish the code, you need to cut three holes and finish the parts of button, motor and other parts in Arduino. We need to put the line in the positive and negative part in Arduino then we connect with other part of the machine like the motor and the button. At last, we need to check the machine is still working or not, so we need to press the button if the motor moves then it's correct, if it's not moving then we might need to check what part is wrong in this machine.

Step 2: Put the Spoon on the Machine

You could use all kind of plastic spoon or smaller metal spoon in the machine and you need to find tape or some kind of sticky stuff to stick the objects of the machine and the spoon. So, if the machine cannot move, maybe the spoon is too heavy, then you need to have a smaller one. Also, if the tape doesn't stick the object tightly, then you need to hot melt glue gun to stick it tight. After all, you'll still need to make sure that can the machine work, because you can accidentally stick the spoon on machine and it will make the machine stop moving.

Step 3: Test the Machine

Finally, we had finish our machine, now we need to test it. You can use every kind of thing that kind of need to stir, and put it i a bowl then press the button see can it really move the spoon, if it can it means you did it, but if you don't you might really need to check what parts of your machine are wrong.

Step 4: Video