Spinning Tardis With Blinking LED (Powered by LittleBits)




Introduction: Spinning Tardis With Blinking LED (Powered by LittleBits)

Construct a Tardis that spins and blinks!

Total Build Time:
30 mins

· Coding: 5 mins

· Construction of the Tardis: 20 mins

· littleBits LED and motor assembly: 5 mins

Step 1: Gather All Needed Parts.


· (2) Wires

· (2) Power supplies

· (2) 9v Batteries and Connectors

· (1) littleBits Arduino Board

· (1) LED

· (1) DC Motor with the Motormate


· Scissors

· Tape

· Glue

· Tardis template

· Construction Paper

· Dome (to diffuse the light at the top) - designed and 3D printed specifically for this project (file attached). You can also use a clear push pin if you’re not able to print the dome.

· Box Cutter

Step 2: Print the Tardis Template

We recommend that you enlarge the template before printing; this will give more room for the component for fit together in the box. Glue the printed template to the construction paper. Use the box cutter to cut lines in the template where white lines occur over the black tabs; these are notches where the labeled tabs will enter. After the notches have been cut, cut out the outline of the template pieces.

Step 3: Connect the LittleBits

Connect the littleBits parts as seen in the image. The motor and the LED should each have separate power supplies.

Step 4: Program the Arduino Board

Program the Arduino board using the blink sketch. Code below

for reference:

int led = 1; // Define the pin the LED is plugged into

void setup() // Initialize setup


pinMode(led, OUTPUT); // Define the LED as an output source


void loop() // Loops through the sketch


digitalWrite(led, LOW); // Turn off the LED

delay(1000); // Delay for 1 seconds

digitalWrite(led, HIGH); // Turn on the LED

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Tape the magnetic parts together so they do not fall apart.

Assemble the LittleBits components together to fit into the Tardis as pictured. It can be a tight fit if the Tardis template is not enlarged.

Tape the LED to the inside top cover.

Cut a hole on the bottom of the Tardis (draw two intersecting lines, then make the hole where they intersect).

Insert the Motormate into the hole. Assemble the Tardis into a box shape inserting the relevant tabs into the notches. Use tape to keep tabs closed if necessary.

Step 6: Go on an Adventure Through Space and Time.

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    8 years ago

    Nice! I grew up on the old Dr. Who's in the 80s when I was a kid. I love it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would truly love to see a vid of it in action because I fully intend on making half a dozen of these for my xmas tree this year. lol