Introduction: Spinning Wheel

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This is how to make a Spinning Wheel this one is for when you don't know what to eat I made 12 options on it to make you decide.

Sometimes when we spin it we do best of 3 lol.

Its pretty easy to make probably have most of the stuff around your house.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies





glue stick



card board


paper clip

Can get all that now here

Step 2: How To: Make a Spinning Wheel

This is how I made a Spinning Wheel.

Figure out what size wanted and how many pieces in the pie you want.

Print out template or make your own

cut it out of cardboard and paper

glue paper to card board

bend paper clip as shown in video

cut arrow out of card board

attach arrow

draw / make what you want on pieces of pic

spin the wheel

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