Introduction: Spiral Cone Legs

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A husband and wife collaboration. These legs grew from a dinner napkin sketch, that she made.

Cold steel round bar, formed and welded into a spiral cone, ending at a 1-1/2" diameter solid steel ball.

they are very sturdy, and can support a heavy table.

Step 1: The Spiraler

This is the machine I built to bend the 1/4" cold round bar into the spiral shape for the legs. It has interchangeable cone shaped mandrels for different height legs. It is built around a salvaged gear motor. The mandrels themselves are kind of ridiculous, I can't afford to have these machined from solid stock, so I cobble them together from, a sprocket, pipe and fittings, washers, and 1/4" round bar.

Step 2: Cone Welding Station

The current state of this jig, allows me to rotate the cone, as well as raise and lower the entire platform. The rotating is done with tapered roller bearings, and the elevation with wire rope, a pulley, and a counter weight that is inside the vertical pipe, about which the arm rides, and also some skate board bearings.

The taller legs really benefit from the ability to lower the platform as
I work my way up, welding all of the intersections. The tallest legs require 67 welded round bar intersections per leg.

Step 3: The Footer

This jig mates the three attachment tabs to the spiral cone.

Step 4: Branding Aparatus

Each leg has one attachment tab that is 1/2" longer than the other two, this gives me room to stamp the words, Spiral Cone Legs.

I had a stamp made, and built this fixture, which holds the stamp and the tab, while I whack it with a BFH.

Step 5: Video

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