Spiral Garden

Introduction: Spiral Garden

Cool Spiral garden to hang plants from.

Step 1: Materials

Step 1:

Prepare all the materials necessary for making the hanging garden

  • (2) 2x4x8 wood planks
  • Router/Router table
  • Band-saw
  • Metal Rod with Hanging Loop (Threaded Rod)
  • Coupling for Metal Rod
  • Hook for Metal Rod (Attaches to Coupling)
  • Wood Stain
  • Tape (if needed to adjust for width of rod)
  • Small plant and pot
  • Wood Glue

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First use the table saw to cut the first 2”x4” plank in half, along the length of the board so that you are left with (2) 1”x4”x8ft planks. Then, cut the boards into (8) 1ft pieces. Use a planer to smooth out the boards as needed. Measure each of these pieces into thirds (lengthwise) and cut with a band-saw. Repeat until you are left with (48) 0.75”x1.167” pieces. As before, use a planer to smooth out these pieces as needed. Make sure to have all the pieces at around the same thickness after planing.

Step 3: Prepping the Wood for Pot Holders

Cut three 1ft pieces out of the other 2”x4” plank. You will have five feet extra. Use the table saw to cut these pieces in half, lengthwise, so that you are left with (6) 1”x4” foot pieces. These pieces will be used to make a holder for the flower pots.

Step 4: Drilling the Wood

Drill a hole into the middle of each piece that you cut out in step 2 and step 3 using a drill press. Make sure to drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the metal rod that you are using. In our case, we drilled our holes too big so we had to wrap tape around our metal rod so that the pieces would fit snugly. Sand down each piece of wood and stain it.

Step 5: Drilling Holes for the Plants

Use a hole drill to drill a 2" hole on one side of the 1"x4" piece of wood. Make sure that the hole is close to the edge so that it does not interfere with the other pieces while assembling the spiral garden. Repeat this three times. Stain these pieces of wood as well.

Step 6: Assembling the Spiral

Start sliding the pieces onto the rod. For our spiral garden, we decided to first put 8 small pieces, then a plant holder piece. Followed by 16 small pieces, and then another plant holder piece. We put 16 more small pieces, and the last plant holder piece, followed by 8 small pieces. In our case, the rod was too thin so we needed to wrap tape around it so that the pieces would stay in place.

Step 7: Trimming the Rod

Use an angle grinder to cut off the excess pieces of rod. Make sure to leave a little bit extra so that you can have some tape to stop the pieces from sliding off the rod.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Slide the pieces on the rod into the desired spiral pattern. You can glue the wood pieces in place so that they do not move around, although we thought that it would not be necessary to do so because the tape held the pieces securely in place. We also put a wing-nut on top of the rod to further secure the pieces.

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    2 years ago

    Cool idea! I've never seen plants in one of those :)