Introduction: Spiral Grip Walking Stick

Let's make a walking stick with a hand carved 3 flute spiral.
you will need a closet pole or a found piece of wood or branch that is as straight as possible.
The tools are a ruler and sharpie type marker a sharp knife half round and round wood rasps and sand paper. If you have them a small gouge and v carving tools come in handy.

Step 1: Marking Out

in this project we are doing 3 flutes but any equidistant number will work.

start by dividing the handle area into sections about an inch apart and using the sharpie draw a line around the stick.

then draw 3 (or more equidistant) lines vertical spaced evenly (120` apart for 3 flutes). (pic 1)

then draw a diagonal line from the lowest junction point up and to the right to the next joint and so on and so on. (pic 3)

Step 2: Start Defining the Diagonals

using a very sharp knife or maybe a small hand saw follow each diagonal making a cut about 1/4 or 6mm deep.

using the v tool or gouge if you have one or the knife if you don't start to hog out the wood to make a groove. pics 1 and 2

then using a round rasp deepen and widen the groove to about half the depth of the round rasp. pic 3

Step 3: Rounding the Flutes

Now we start to difene the flutes. It should start to look like a section of rope.
using the knife try and knock any corners or sharp edges of the grooves. pic 1

now using the half round rasp start to round over the flutes by rasping the wood in a sort of twisting motion. try to ensure that your working with the grain as you will have much less tear out and an easier time when it comes to sanding. pic 2

Step 4: Finishing

Finally it's starting to come together know.
using sandpaper or other abrasive paper sand the flutes smooth working thu the grits to approx 400 grit.

using oil varnish or other finish of choice give the stick a protective coat.

jobs a good en now get out there and start using it on your next hike.