Introduction: Spiral Ornament

Based on the diagram here:
I tried to be as clear as possible with the pictures, but I'm sure if I lose you anywhere, the diagram will help you find your place (:

Enjoy! and happy holidays!

You need: Magazine paper, Thread, needle, Scissors

Step 1: Making the Base!

1. Make a square by folding the paper as depicted, then cutting off the excess.
2. Fold the paper in half, then fold one corner down as depicted. Repeat on the other side.
3. Lift the top 3 layers of the triangle, and open to make a square.

Step 2: Making Hte Actual Ornament

4. With the open side facing you, fold the bottom edge of the square in until it meets the center fold, and crease.
5. repeat with the top edge, so that the shape depicted is created.
6. Repeat with all the other leaves so that the folds are all facing the same direction.
7. Grasp the ornament as shown, with one finger separating each leaf from the other. Grab it the same way on the other end, with your other hand. Twist in opposite directions (but not so hard that you rip it! >< )
8. With a needle threaded with about 4 inches of black thread, pierce the top of the ornament. Tie the ends together so you can hang your new twisted ornament from your tree!

Step 3: Complete!

Hang! and Enjoy!

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