Introduction: Spirit Your Team Spirit!!

This sew easy craft is the perfect way to keep warm and show your team spirit for your favorite pro or school team!! I made these for my God-Daughter's Cheer leading team. Orange and Brown are her school colors and the team earns points during competitions when the crowd is inspired by their cheer spirit and team colors in the audience.

It is going to blow her away as a bonus stocking stuffer!!

So we all wear them while in the crowd and the bonus is they keep your hands warm too. *smiles*


Stretch Gloves [you can get for $1 at the dollar store]
Medium #4 Yarn [color of your choice]
Embroidery Thread [match the color of glove]
Embroidery Scissors
Needle Threader [good one like the metal one shown in photo]

Step 1: Create Your Pom Pom's Using a Standard Kitchen Fork

  1. Wrap yarn around fork [I went around 25 times] 
  2. Then I take the tail and bring it around through the middle of the 4 fork prongs
  3. Wrap it over and pull through the bottom, this will create a loop, cut the loop but leave a 4 inch tail
  4. Take your tail and keep wrapping 2 times around from the top between the fork prongs and pulling it through the bottom
  5. Using your needle threader go under the pulled wraps and grab the tail of your yarn
  6. Leaving a loop, thread the yarn tail through the loop
  7. Pull tightly to create a knot and tight center for the pom pom

Step 2: Creating Pom Pom and Cutting for Shape

  1. Taking your embroidery scissor cut the yarn on each side of the fork
  2. After you've cut both sides, the pom pom will easily slide off of the fork

Step 3: Pom Pom Final Touch

  1. Fluff your pom pom and trim for desired look
  2. Each pom pom will have a 4 inch tail, this will come in very handy to attach to the tips of each finger of the glove. 
Follow the pom pom making steps 10 times to have a total of 10 pom pom's, one for each finger tip of the stretch glove.

Step 4: Sewing Pom Pom to Tip of Fingers

  1. Thread your needle and sew on the seem of the tip of each glove, wrapping around the pom pom tail that is still attached to the pom pom
  2. Go around 3 to 4 times and knot each times to make sure the pom pom is secure to the tip of glove
  3. Now cut the tail off of the pom pom and cut your thread as close to the tip under the pom pom but be sure not to cut the tip of your glove 

Step 5: Final Product...Spirit Glove

Now, get ready to cheer away your favorite pro or school team!! 

I hope you enjoyed this Inscuctable and it give's you a new fun project for your favorite team player!!

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