Introduction: Splatoon Squid Jewelry

This instructable is to create a pewter casted key chain of a character in a Nintendo game, Splatoon. It is for players of splaroon.

Step 1: 2D Design

Open the 2D design app and import this line art to vectorise it.

Step 2: Outline

Contour the vectorised splatoon squid and fill it in with the colour on the top right. If the contouring does not work, zoom in at the parts of the squid and make sure that there is no gap on the outline.

Step 3: Contour & Color

Contour the squid again and make the line 1.80 mm thick and in dark green in the 4th row and 4th column

Step 4: Coloring In

Change the colour of the vectorised squid into the colour in the 3rd column and row. Then pile up the 3 layers that you made in step 2, 3 and 4

Step 5: Milling!

Mil the piled up layer and make the runner, well and the air hole. Then put the liquefied/melted pewter in the runner. (Make sure that you add another modeling foam to close the milling and do it really tight)

Step 6: Polish the Back

This step is optional. If you want to make the surface smoother, put the product on sand paper and rub it on. Make sure the sand paper is on a flat table.

Step 7: Taking Out

After the pewter has been cooled down, take the prototype out from the foam. If possible, rub both sides with a sand paper to make the surface smoother.

Step 8: Cold Enameling

Pour in the cold enamel in the prototype to color it. (Color does not matter) Then wait until it dries. When you are cold enamelling and there is a narrow space, tilt the product and make the liquid enamel go in that space.

Step 9: Add Your Key!

Add a strip of metal wire and connect with the key and close it by using the ring stopper OR use chains to connect the jewellery with the key.