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Hi guys! Welcome to the instructable.
Today we’re going to make a split wall art. Wait,you don’t know what it is?

Split wall arts are basically some printed paintings which are printed on different canvas boards and are placed on the wall separately. But, for us it seems like they all form only one painting. And trust me,these are really super cool. Aren’t they?

Another unique use of the split art is they can be placed on the corners of the wall.

You can refer to the images to know how a split wall art looks like.(Check out image 2!)

The truth is ,the professional wall arts are actually printed on canvas boards.But,so sadly I don’t have them. And many of the people don’t have canvas.
So let’s do this in our style!


Some sheets of paper


Cardboard/Any flat boards


Double sided tape

Step 1: Choose a Topic for the Painting

The first step is to choose a topic for your painting. Choose a topic for your thing. Whether the painting is basic or a master level, it should look cool. I am adding this extra step to explain what I chose for my painting. You have patience?Then go on reading. Or else skip it.

Ok, I picked this painting from a movie called “Tangled”. Tangled is an animated movie of the disney animation studios which is a remake of the german fairy tale ‘Rapunzel’. Rapunzel is a german magical fairy tale.(Obviously magical!).

There was a scene in the movie where the kingdom was lit up with sky lanterns. I felt that it was fabulous.So, I picked that scene for my painting.

Step 2: Castle

Ok, so the next step is castle painting. I took an a4 sheet and started off. I’ve divided it into two parts and started painting. Painting this isn’t hard. After painting ,I added 1 more A4 sheet divided into 2 more parts and added on to both sides.Those are the extended parts of the painting which I call it as ‘the splits’.So it seems the painting is split into 4 parts. Two in the middle and two at the ends.

Step 3: Background

So,this is the part where I got messed up. There was one silly mistake from me which caused this.I didn't know what to do.But,finally I found a solution for it.I just cut down the whole castle and glued it on a colored paper.Well, I'm not dissatisified with the idea and it somehow looks good.So,be careful while painting,or else you might end up in my position!

Coming to the background ,choose a light backgrund for your painting.If it is a light background,the other stuff which you draw will be brightened (due to the light background).

Step 4: Quotes(Optional)

In my opinion quotes are very important (even in a painting).They give us an inspiration and motivation. Atleast the painting is giving us a message,and that's a good thing. I picked up a quote which related to the painting,the movie and it even produces a good message. Even the quote(not actually a quote,but is a good motivational line) was picked up from the movie.

So I picked up a motivational line and painted it! But,the painting is still looking plain.Isn't it?

Hmm.......then let's fly some sky lanterns!

Step 5: Sky Lanterns

This is a fun part. Sky lanterns work like small hot air balloons and are made of paper and light enough to fly(in real life). These are part of the scene and were really important for the painting.For painting the sky lanterns I cut out 3 different sized stencils and started working on it.I've gave it some more details such as the yellow part which is the flame.

We've finished the painting,but not the actual part. Let's head on to it.

Step 6: Splitting the Painting

Here is the main part of the project.

After your project is completed, cut down the painting into equal parts.I've split my project into 4 equal parts.To give it a shape ,cut down pieces of cardboard or any flat board which gives a thickness and shape to the painting.The carboard is added, just to make it look like a cuboid or the proffesional canvas split paintings. If the painting is glued to the wall directly,there are two disadvantages:

1)It would look like a poster and it won't have a thickness.(But,no problem).

2)Papers are sticky when you stick it to a wall.So,if you want to remove the painting with some reason,the wall's paint might wear off and even some part of the painting might be torn. So it is recommended to add a cardboard.

Distance: There must be a distance between every part of the paint.I took 0.5cm of distance between the parts of the painting. Also,check out the last image of this step. Here,the wall is painted brown.And it is a painting of a tree.So, the color of the wall and the color of the tree trunk have been matched. So,it seems like there is no distance between the middle two paintings.This is an amazing piece of art.

Transferring: After you've finished all of the above things,there's one last thing left.Transferring it on to a wall.This is the topic which I discuss a lot. I always use a double-sided tape for this kind of stuff,because I feel that using a double-sided tape makes the project neat.

Have a look on the last three images of this step which contains some other split paintings of other artists.

Hope you liked it and hope it helped you.

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Thank you !!

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