Introduction: Spoke Nipple Drivers

These are homemade spoke nipple driver tools for building bicycle wheels. One is a hand screwdriver spoke nipple driver and the other is a power drill nipple driver. You should have different sizes of these in you wheel building tools collection.

Step 1: Collect the Parts.

1. Screw driver handle. The fatter the better.
2. A rod the same diameter as a spoke nipple
3. Two small washers that fit over the rod.
4. C-clips that are just smaller than the rod or some small wire.

Step 2: Prep the Screwdriver and Rod

1. Drill a hole through the screwdriver long ways. Make sure the rod can freely spin around in the hole. The snugger the better
2.counter sink a larger hole on one side. Your washer and c-clip needs to fit in this hole.

Prep the rod
1.Use a hacksaw and cut two grooves all the way around the rod. One goes 1/4 inch from the end and the other goes at the top of the Handel after you put it all together.

Step 3: Bend 2 90s in the Rod and File the Nipple Driver

1. Bend the rod like in the pics. Mine have a 1.5 inch spacing between the bends.

2. File the nipple driver by first taking a chainsaw file and filing the tips sides all the way down until you have a screwdriver.

3.Now take a flat file and file down the top making a nipple that will go into the nipple.

4. Test it out. Repeat step 2 if need be.

Make shorter and longer ones to ensure you build a round wheel. See pic

Step 4: Put It All Together

1. Stick the rod through the screwdriver.
2. Add one washer and c-clip.
3. Pull the rod back through until everything is in place.
4 now cut the second grove at the top and f the Handle and c-clip or wire it.

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