Introduction: Spong Rocket

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My son saw the Space Challenge and asked if we could do a project together to enter the challenge.

so we came up with this little rocket that is shoot to the moon "my sons words" by squeezing the air out of a bag. then the spong will re-inflate the bag ready for the next launch.


  • scissors
  • glue
  • cello tape
  • paper
  • straws
  • zip lock bag
  • cotton bud

Step 1: Lunch Pad

you place the sponge inside the bag.

the sponge will re-inflate the bag after the rocket has been launched.

use the tape to seal of the bag with the straw sticking out of the bag. when the the bag is squashed the air will be fallsed out of the straw which will propel the rocket to the moon.

Step 2: The Rocket Construction

cut a small piece of paper and wrap it around the straw and glue it so it doesn't unravel. make sure not to glue the paper to the straw. the paper should be wrapped snugly around the straw. if its too loose the rocket will not launch and the air will escape around the rocket. if its too tight the rocket will get stuck and most likely the bag will split. you will need to block the end of the paper tube. you can use some tape. or hot glue and a cotton bud. This will be a good time to colour you rocket and add some fins. get creative.

Step 3: Launch Time

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off

put the rocket on the straw point it in the direction you wish to fire and squeeze the bag. and watch has the rocket takes off to the moon.

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