Introduction: Sponge Brownie Prank

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This is a great prank for April Fools Day! The brownie looks very real but is just made from a sponge and frosting. The best part of this is it only takes about 5 minutes and everybody will fall for it because nobody is expecting a brownie to be fake. It is so hilarious to see people bite into the brownie.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed are:
Butter Knife
Chocolate Frosting
Sprinkles (Optional)

Step 2: How to Cut the Sponge

I found that the easiest way to cut the sponge is to take a serrated knife and cut it about half way down. Next take the scissors to cut the part of the sponge that is still attached.

Step 3: Spread the Icing

Take the butter knife and spread the fudge all over the sponge except for the bottom. Make sure the sides are well covered. When you finish spreading the icing put on the sprinkles place on a plate and just wait for someone to take a bite.