Introduction: Sponge Cake

This is a recipe of a sponge cake. Do not think it is complicated.

Make it with joy, because it is dedicated to special days! :)

Step 1: The First Mix

- 2 whole eggs and 2 yolks

- 300 grams sugar and a teabag of vanilla sugar

- 1 teaspoon salt

- fine bark from one orange (first, wash it very well)

- 3 spoons of warm milk

Mix well all the ingredients above.

Step 2: The Second Mix - the Leaven

- 1 cube of fresh yeast

- 2 teaspoons of sugar

- 1 glass of warm milk, approx. 200ml

- 135 grams flour

These ingredients are used for obtaining the leaven.
Mixed them up to the consistency of a sour cream in a pot of ~ 2 litters.
Put the pot covered, in a warm place.

The leaven will rise quickly, in 15 - 20 minutes, so pay attention!

Step 3: The Dough

- First, mix by warming 100ml cooking oil (sunflower oil) and 50 grams butter,
until the mixture become homogeneous.
- Put 1 Kg flour (sponge cake flour will be better) in an enamelled recipient.
- Add: the first mix, the leaven (after it has grown) and ~200ml warm milk.

- Next, the warm oil mixture has to be slowly incorporated until the composition
become flexible and easily detachable from the hand.
At this point powder some flour, cover the recipient with a kitchen towel and
keep it to a warm temperature.

Obs. 1. Slowly incorporated means that we poor a small amount and we mix it
till is incorporated. And so on, till we finish the whole mixture.
(using your hands will be preferable)
2. Depending on surrounding temperature, the dough will grow in 2-3 hours.
During this time the filling is prepared.

Step 4: The Cheese Filling

Mix the following ingredients, (for three sponge cakes):

- 300 grams white cheese (feta);
- 1 spoon salt;
- fine bark from one orange
(first, wash it very well)
- 50 grams sugar
- the leftovers egg-white from step 1

If the composition is too thin, semolina can be added to thicken it.

Step 5: The Poppy Seeds Filling

Mix the following ingredients, (for two sponge cakes):

- 200 grams ground poppy seeds
- 50 grams sugar and 1 teabag of vanilla sugar
- 250 ml milk
- one spoon of cocoa

The mixture is boiled until it became creamy and the sugar melts.

Step 6: The Rolling of the Dough

- Lay down and stretch the dough to have a constant thickness, put the filling on top,
gently roll it and put it in the trays already covered with backing paper.
(The quantities are for five small sponge cakes)

- Cover the trays and leave them for another hour to grow.
Put the trays in the warmed oven and bake them for around 40 min until
they get the golden brown color.
When they are ready you can sprinkle some sugar, for appearance.

Important remarks:

- All ingredients should be at room temperature. Better is to switch on the oven earlier,
in order to have the proper temperature for the dough to grow.
- It’s easier if all ingredients are already prepared and handy.
- The egg size affects the quantity of milk. It can be used 5 eggs if they are a
smaller size.
- You can add more sugar, that’s depending on taste.

Step 7: A Small Cake As Bonus!

With some ground poppy seeds filling leftovers I have prepared a small cake
adding also the following ingredients:

- 1 egg
- 20 grams cooking oil

- 100 grams sugar

- ~150grams yogurt

- ~100grams flour

- 1/3 teabag of backing powder.

In a tray with backing paper I put two-thirds of the composition; the rest of it I mixed with the poppy

seeds filling and lay it on the top. The result looks a little bit strange but the taste is good!

This is my adventure with the sponge cake!

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