Introduction: Spongebob Mosaic

In this instructable we'll be making a quick and fun
spongebob mosaic. This will also be a great gift for
sponge bob lovers. This will probably take about 15
minutes depending on what magazine you have

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this craft you'll need -

Everything else-
Construction Paper
Old Magazine

Step 2: Cutting Up Your Magizine

To Make your sponge bob you need to cut 2 white squares,
26 yellow squares, 3 small blue squares, 2 brown rectangles,
2 black squares,3 black rectangles, 3 white rectangles, and cut a tie out of the magazine.

Step 3: Now Put It Together

(Use glue!) First put the white squares for eyes. Then put 2 of the
3 squares on the eyes for pupils. Now use 22 of the 26 yellow squares
to make a square around the eyes. Now put the rest of the yellow
squares for arms. Now put the 3 black rectangles for the mouth.
Put the 3 white rectangles for the legs and hat. Now use the 2 black
squares for feet. Now add the blue square for the hat. Add the 2 brown rectangles and tie for pants.