3d Printed SpongeBob Toys

Introduction: 3d Printed SpongeBob Toys

it will teach you how to how to make a 3d printed SpongeBob toys. Spongebob is a popular cartoon image, so we choose to make spongebob toys for appreciation and fun.Fusion360 was used for appearance design and modification, and sketches were made.Print the work, sand the work and paint it.

Step 1: Make Body

First, make the body part of SpongeBob Toys.

Step 2: Make the Eyebrow

Second, make two eyebrows of SpongeBob Toys.

Step 3: Print Body and Eyebrow

print body and eyebrow that we are already made. Punch holes in the eyebrows. The eyebrows are mounted on the steering wheel of the steering engine and the steering engine is mounted on the body.

Step 4: Finish

put all electronic components in to SpongeBob Toys.(ISD1820 recording module and Arduino promini main control board)

Step 5: At Last

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